• “Blake, you were there for me as a kid while attending Doyle Baseball and there for me last season as my hitting coach (2016) as I won the National League Batting Title.  Thank you, Blake, and Thank you, Doyle Baseball."                                                            DJ LEMAHIEU - 2016 National League Batting Champion and All-Star

  • “Two Batting Titles in 3 years, one of which I own, and two home run and RBI titles in 3 years, I’d say that you did a great job!” Thanks Blake

    JUSTIN MORNEAU - 2014 National League Batting Champion and All- Star
  • “Blake thank you for all of your hard work these three years. Part of that Silver Slugger Award is yours. You are awesome.”

    CARLOS GONZALES - 2015 Silver Slugger Award Winner, 2016 All- Star
  • “Thank you Blake for helping me have the two best years of my career!”

    NICK HUNDLEY - Colorado Rockies 2015-2016

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