Satellite Schools

Doyle Baseball provides you and your group or organization the opportunity to bring the world-famous Doyle Baseball school to your area. The same great learning experience that helped many achieve their goals of becoming major league players is available to you in your home town. You will receive the following:

  • Improve coaching and increase parent participation.
  • Build a consistent league-wide development program.
  • Instill a “teaching philosophy” in every coach
  • Improve parent coach relationships
  • Help players build skills & improve self esteem.
  • Improve relationships throughout the organization.

Doyle Baseball offers 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day and 5-Day Programs for your players during Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. Players learn the finer points of Hitting, Fielding, Throwing and Baserunning during 1 & 2-Day schools and gain position specific instruction in 3-Day and 5-Day programs. Family& Team Discounts are available to provide your league with even better value.

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By providing youngsters with quality training available through Doyle Satellite Schools, you are doing them a great service. But that is only half of the picture. In order to guarantee long term development, the coaches who work with the youngsters must be able to give the same effective teaching on a daily basis. That’s the other half of the picture and the premise behind Doyle Coaches Schools.

Once the kids have the right information, they need the reinforcement and repetition to create the muscle memory necessary for skill execution. Without proper reinforcement and repetition, incorrect movements can follow. The wrong movement unattended to and therefore uncorrected, is left in the body program, and the error is likely to become habit. The right movement is the one toward training everyone, including players, coaches, parents and league officials. Let’s work together to guarantee the long-term development and enjoyment of everyone involved with the game. Our kids will thank us long after they’ve left the playing ranks, because they will be back – as involved parents and coaches in the future years. See the whole picture…..



The Doyle Baseball Coaches Certification Program provides coaches in your organization protection, peace of mind and the tools to teach with confidence. Coaches taking part in the Coaches School  actually perform everything they will later teach their players, providing knowledge from experience not found in any other coaches certification program.

Aspects of the program include:

  • Hands-On Instructional Training
  • First Aid Responsibilities
  • Coaches Liability Issues
  • Qualities of a Great Coach
  • Psychology & Motivating Player
  • Terms sheets and drills you can utilize in practice




Upon completion of the program, attending coaches receive:



  • $2 million individual liability coverage
  • Membership card
  • Complete printed Doyle terms used in training*
  • Legal & Safety Issues outline/notes*
  • Practice organization guidelines*

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WHO:  Any interested league, recreation department or parents’ group or individual can host a players or coaches school.

WHAT: Satellite Schools are Doyle Coaches and Player Schools held in your area.

WHEN: Coaches’ and Players’ Schools may be scheduled any time during the year. Ideally, Coaches Certification is scheduled 4-6 weeks prior to the season, with the Players’ School slated anytime prior to the start of the spring, summer or fall season.

WHERE: Satellite Schools for coaches and players can be held outside at your complex or in a suitable indoor facility.